1. Troubleshooting
    Trouble with technology is never a matter of “if”, it is only a matter of “when”. We meet many of our clients in crisis situations and we respond dynamically, because businesses with 5 or more days of downtime have a 91% chance of filing bankruptcy and an 83% chance of going out of business altogether:
    • We implement an immediate hardware survey and data recovery strategy to define the perimeter of your problem and thereby limit your down time.
    • We restore necessary services promptly, enabling your staff to be productive, thereby limiting a negative revenue event.
  2. Stabilization & Enhancement
    We believe “Technology Is Leverage”–every day your system is not optimized, you are losing your competitive advantage. Our goal is “Transparent Performance”–you should be able to turn on your computer, utilize its power, complete your task, and turn it off–not struggle with poor hardware, badly designed operating systems, and incomprehensible software. We enhance your stability and increase leverage through the deployment of the most cost-effective:
    • Servers
    • Workstations & laptops
    • Backup & recovery strategies
    • Antivirus deployment
    • Network hardware
    • Broadband connectivity
    • Wireless access design & installation
    • Network wiring
    • Phone systems
  3. Monitoring and Maintenance
    Monitoring and maintenance are the keys to a stable, protected technology platform that will amortize your investment over a reasonable technology life span.