Our Mission


Excalibur recognizes the new business Darwinism: optimize or be left behind. Our mission is to prevent your business from being left behind. We optimize your small business by combining tactical IT management with cutting-edge marketing consultation so that you can face future markets with vigor, motivation, and understanding.


Our Principles

  • We are vigilant--we pay attention to our industry and yours.
  • We are competent--our cost-effectiveness, uptime, and
    crisis-management are as legendary as our name.
  • We are accountable--we hold our vendors similarly accountable.
  • We are connected--we know the top people in our industry and they know us.
  • We are persistent--we get the job done.
  • We are present--we are there when you need us most.

Our Execution

  • We use only approved vendors and products that we have thoroughly tested.
  • We control costs through extensive multi-year total-cost-of-ownership studies.
  • We create technology infrastructures that are reliable and transparent.
  • We empower your employees.

We execute with a simple mantra:

Collaborate • Synthesize • Achieve