Guidelines for achieving Remote Work with a Distributed Workforce


At the advent of COVID, our firm was particularly fortunate in that we had designed and implemented a technology base for our clients that was ready to move to "remote work" or as we like to call it "Distributed Workforce".

Key to this move to a Distributed Workforce was our experience with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and the strategic deployment of low-bandwidth application clients.


We were able to complete the migration of our entire client pool to Remote Work in under 16 hours. Here are a few guidelines that informed our work:

  • Deploy new or re-purpose old laptops for the "At Home" workforce.
  • Install appropriate remoting agents
  • Optimize outbound bandwidth
  • Implement tiered VPN access
  • Minimize large bandwidth transactions
  • Teach "retrieve and replace" document methods
  • Use only certified, company managed systems for "Remote Work"

Using these basic guidelines, and our foundational implementation, we were able to accomplish a heavy-lift in just one weekend, liberating  more than a dozen companies across multiple states.


If you are having difficulty with Remote Work, let us help you optimize your Distributed Workforce and minimize the impact of COVID on your enterprise.