Many of my clients push back when I indicate that we use only Network Solutions as a domain name registrar. The most common objection I hear is "they are too expensive". Let's consider cost in a different way--what does a cheaper registrar cost when they have created a problem for you by incorrectly pointing DNS requests for the better part of a week? has created just such a problem for one of my clients. I have had similarly convoluted problems with many third-party registrars.  By contrast, and believe me NetSol has their shortcomings, virtually any problem can be solved within 2 hours at NetSol. So the next time, someone you care about suggests using some third-party op for "cheap" registry, DNS, web hosting, or what ever, do them a favor and explain the role of enormous back end costs incurred by serious web outage scenarios--friends don't let friends use inadequate network services.