In what may be one of the largest data thefts in history, Epsilon of Dallas TX, a legitimate bulk mail manager for banks and large retailers, has reported a security breach of their data facilities. The breach may increase the number of a specific type of email fraud attempt known as "phishing". Specifically, the breach may have exposed legitimate customer email addresses of firms including Capital One, JP Morgan Chase, the Marriot hotel chain and Kroger Foods was also affected. Phishing occurs when a fraudulent email is sent that appears to be from a legitimate source and asks you to login and/or change your authentication tokens. Because these emails can look virtually identical to a real email from your one of the affected companies, it can be very difficult to discern the fraud from the real thing. When in doubt, contact the company in question and verify that the email is from them before responding. Always approach all email correspondence of this nature with doubt, unless you personally generated the request for such an email.