Year-end 2009 is rapidly approaching and with it the rollout of Windows System Seven. We are greatly concerned that Microsoft will pull another fast one with XP users.

Consider the following logic: If Microsoft was willing to openly acknowledge that the Vista revitalization campaign (the failed one with Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates) was going to cost $300M, what does this suggest they spent developing Vista? One thing is certain, if you spent $200M to develop it, you surely wouldn't spend $300M to revitalize it. According to wikipedia, it cost $6B to develop Vista. We all know they didn't obtain the Return-On-Investment that would justify such an expenditure. They claim a substantial installed base of Vista, but we believe that this is largely due to compelling Dell et al to ship Vista with everything, using the "XP Downgrade Entitlement"--transalated, this means that the computers ship with XP on the hard disk, but Microsoft gets to count the sale towards Vista. Sneaky, eh? For small business owners, this subterfuge means that they will be hell-bent to generate real reveue from Seven to make up for Vista's tragic losses and as a result will probably try anything they can to drive customers toward Seven.

Though Microsoft anounced in Apr 2009 that bug-fix support had ended for XP, they indicated that security fixes would continue through 2014 (as though a security fix wasn't the result of a bug).

The upshot is this--an update to Seven will need to be tested with your in-house POS/Management/Accounting systems and will need to be budgeted for very soon. Contact us to discuss how this may affect your business sooner than later.