Jerry Pape


Chief Technology Officer - Senior Usability Engineer - Consulting Product Manager - Senior Technology Instructor


Mr. Pape has a B.S. in Science & Technology from Stanford University. He has extensive experience in computing systems and network administration beginning with the PLATO system and Honeywell mainframes in 1979 and the SUN-DEC Distributed Computing project of the early 80’s to the globalization of the publicly-accessible Internet and enterprise-grade DSL networks.


Significant early work included administration and implementation roles in the build-out of the early computing networks at Stanford that was required as a result of the decentralization of campus mainframe computing centers.


Mr. Pape is a Senior Usability Engineer. He is widely recognized throughout the computer industry for his expertise in usability engineering and the development, production, and marketing of software and hardware. He has contributed to many panel discussions on related industry topics at tradeshows nationwide.


As a Consulting Product Manager, he has applied his usability engineering background to more than 40 software and hardware products for both the Macintosh and PC platforms. Software products he has contributed to range from Windows-based entertainment software to Macintosh multimedia software. Popular cross-platform devices hardware products that he has consulted on include the original Palm Pilot and the CoStar (now Dymo) LabelWriter label printers.


In addition to extensive systems, networking, and product management experience, Mr. Pape is a Senior Technology Instructor and author of training materials with more than 23 years of teaching experience at major universities including Stanford, UC Santa Cruz, San Jose State, Foothill College, and Montana State University. His lecture subjects include astronomy, graphic design, product development, and system administration.


Mr. Pape is frequent point-of-contact for technology writers, stock analysts, and the news media. Notable media appearances include ABC Nightly News nationwide in 2005, multiple appearances in Computer Reseller News, and  Business Solutions magazine.


Currently, Mr. Pape works with fledgling companies, capitalized startups, and established companies as a paid consultant and/or as an equity-holding advisory board member.


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