Founded by Jerry Pape in 1984, Excalibur has provided services throughout the Western US. The company is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. Mr. Pape has created relationships with major vendors worldwide that are characterized by loyalty, longevity, and reciprocity. Vendors appreciate Pape’s candor and availability. As a qualified source of third-party validation, Pape provides vendor partners with reciprocal advocacy via his print media and television appearances on local, statewide and national levels.


Our core staff of consultants includes:


Jerry Pape, Principal & CTO
Jerry has a B.S. in Science & Technology from Stanford University. He has extensive experience in computing systems and network administration beginning with the PLATO system and Honeywell mainframes in 1979 and the SUN-DEC Distributed Computing project of the early 80’s through to the globalization of the publicly-accessible Internet and enterprise-grade DSL networks. Jerry's bio can be viewed here.



Bennett Drozic, Desktop Systems Management & Sales
Bennett is a graduate of University of New York at Buffalo with degrees in Philosphy, Political Science, and English Literature. He has worked in Local Area Networking and Desktop System Administration since 2004. Bennett's bio can be viewed here.




Megan Layne, Accounting & QuickBooks Advisor

Megan is a multi-talented numbers-cruncher who can facilitate QuickBooks Integration and Management for our clients and is cross-training in Basic IT Support. Megan's bio can be viewed here.








Matt Cameron, Graphic Design Director
Matt is a graduate of Montana State University with a degree in Art/Graphic Design, is a veteran graphic designer in both print and new media. Matt is also an accomplished fine artist skilled in sketchwork, watercolor, oils, and sculpture. Examples of Matt's work can be viewed here.
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