Founded in Silicon Valley, Excalibur has over thirty years experience managing IT and cultivating relationships with proven technology vendors. Our long-standing vendor relationships provide expert product knowledge and create substantial discounts, reducing your cost of technology acquisition. In addition to IT management, we also provide product and service marketing consultation including: Branding Strategy, Artistic Direction, Market Study, and Focus Group Analysis.

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With Windows 10, Microsoft abdicates its last bastion of legitimacy as an operating system vendor.


As a Managed Service Provider for hundreds of systems across dozens of companies, a CTO, and a veteran IT Professional with over 30 years of hands-on experience, I speak from the bully pulpit--


With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft abdicates its last bastion of legitimacy as a long-standing operating system vendor. Recent press and circulated missives in the IT community show clear dissatisfaction with many facets of Microsoft Windows 10, in particular, the abandonment of privacy. I want to spend a moment (or at least less time than I spent reading the lengthy missive on how to reduce Windows 10's privacy exposures), digressing on this most egregious of Microsoft's behaviors.

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Choosing a Domain Registrar, or how not to ruin your week...


Many of my clients push back when I indicate that we use only Network Solutions as a domain name registrar. The most common objection I hear is "they are too expensive". Let's consider cost in a different way--what does a cheaper registrar cost when they have created a problem for you by incorrectly pointing DNS requests for the better part of a week?

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